Paintings for 2023

Welcome! Here are a selection of paintings to give you an idea of my style and colour combinations. Some paintings are already sold but some are still available to view/browse at my studio or through my online shop page.

Do email/text me to come view the paintings and to visit my beautiful Hockley House Studio: /07711809249 All prices between 300 – 3500

Neon Grafitti 63cm x 63 (Detail)

Mini – Blue Tangle (Details)

Blue & White Splatter 100cm x 60

Cherry Blossom 105cm x 105

Mini – Exploding Dahlias 50cm x 50

Blue Tangle (Detail)

Strawberry & Teal Nasturtiums 120cm x 80 Sold through

Mushroom & Pink Splatter 130cm x 100

Matisse Dreams 105cm x 35

Matisse Dreams #1 and #2 100cm x 30

Magnolia Blossom 105 x 105cm

Nasturtiums (Oil) 2022
Blossom #2

Green Tangle 130cm x 100

Foxgloves #detail

Little Jungle #7 40cm x 40 Framed in White.

Exploding Dahlias 90cm x 90

Radioactive Roses    Mixed Media/Acrylic.  156cm x 105    

White Flower Garden 46cm x 64 Sold through

Teal Landscape 65cm 65

Here is a little film sharing my May/June Work 202

Blossom #2